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An Eggshausting Story.  

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My Girlfriend wants to sell her eggs, so that she can give me the money I need for my school fees. I don't know if you've heard about this selling of eggs thing, but I'm not in support of it. I don't blame her because my parents don't even know I pay a school fees higher than both their salaries combined. However, I still am not in support of it.
It all started after some of her friends told her about it, they say it is safe but I don't believe them. It might look safe now but I don't want to marry a barren woman. I only talk about Marriage because we are in our final year and I love her, so much. My mom has even met her. "Hey nne o, ah ah Samson you didn't tell me she was such a beauty" said my Mom after she embraced Stella.
Stella is from a family you would usually describe as rich, that was until her father passed away two years ago. Her mom is just a supermarket owner, so the money she earns is barely enough for a family of four. Stella has two younger sisters and both are in the university. So when she brought up the idea of egg donation, I was half surprised. I've talked to too many people about it still, the various opinions don't shake mine. My mom however, is the deal breaker and my girlfriend knows this so she schedules a meeting with my mom.
"Nne, you sounded funny on the phone o, what is the problem my daughter?", My mom said when they had sunken into the soft leather chairs that decorated her home.
"Mommy, I really don't know where to start, but its money problems and I have a solution but your son doesn't like it." Stella answered as if she were really speaking to her mother.
"Nne talk to me, what's the problem, I'm sure the money we send him is enough"
"It's not enough o ma, our school fees is over Five hundred thousand Naira, and he won't be allowed to write the final exams if he doesn't pay."
"Chineke! How come, what are they teaching him, that he will pay such an outrageous fee, and he never told me it was so high"
"Mommy, you know it's a private University and no matter what we say, their fees will remain the same"
The discussion went on and delved into matters that daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law normally talk about.
My mom understood that only a girl who truly loved you would be ready to sacrifice a few of her eggs for you. My mom decided not to conclude the meeting that day.
Years later, I am in my sitting room listening to the oldies, "Ed Sheeran's shape of you". I'm okay, we're okay. By we, I mean, I married Stella, your mom. My mom's view on the matter? Well I'm sure you guessed it and even though she said a lot that day, Stella remembers one thing my mom said to her, "Nne it doesn't matter if people sell their eggs, just do whatever you want to do for you, but as for me, I would rather stay poor than do it."
The little infant just giggled as though it understood all that it's father had said.


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