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"She has been bleeding for hours. If we still can't find what's wrong with her, then there's no point, we will definitely lose her. In less than two hours she will bleed out and die." The doctor was a woman that wore hijab in her white lab coat, she looked like a woman that had lost so much to care little about human life anymore. It felt like she was heartlessly drilling a hole into my head. How could she drop such a bomb on me. I had come to love this girl that she said was going to bleed out, although it wasn't my intention in the beginning.

I hooked up with her after my first confirmation. Confirmation is what we call a bank alert in the cyber crime world. Confirmation is that phase when your 'client' - your victim - has been totally fooled and has succumbed to meeting your needs.

My friends introduced me to cyber crime. I had in mind that I'd only give it a try, but that's the funny thing about the devil, he only needs one trial to convince you. When I got my first cash in, I went on a partying spree with my crew, we threw parties all around school, there was food, smoke and booze. She -the girl bleeding out now before my eyes- was present at one of the many parties on the day we met. After we got introduced to each other by her friend we quickly hit it off. Weeks followed and everywhere I went she went. If I was high, she was too. We were into each other.

Meanwhile, weeks after my first confirmation, all the money I had siphoned was finishing fast. I tried to get more confirmations but the 'clients' payout was disappointing. They never paid much, after my first confirmation of six hundred thousand naira, the cash-ins that followed were less than fifty thousand naira most times. I tried to pursue my dancing career on the side but shows availed less and less. I was frustrated and heartbroken, since I'd tasted such a luxury, I couldn't imagine a life of penury anymore.

Then, our crew leader called me to meet with him privately one evening. "There's a place I want to take you to tomorrow night, if you really want to see this your money problem go away, bring one of your girl's recently worn panties and we will go see a man that can help us." I was shocked and scared at the same time. I had never thought of money ritual in my life and as if he knew what was going on in my mind he pushed more, "guy no fear, nothing will happen to your girl oh, she'll just be sick for a while and maybe you'll get her pregnant and she'll lose the baby, nothing really serious." Get her pregnant? This guy was asking me to impeegnate a girl in my second year and what if she didn't lose the baby. I didn't question him though, I just nodded and resolved to not be poor, no matter what.
That's how we got here, he said it was "nothing serious" and now she's going to die because of me.


His alarm beeped continuously until he had awoken from that very horrible dream. He would never hurt a soul in his life, he would rather die.



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