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There is a story, told once to one, known today by many.

The story is about a farm that works itself. It was planting season and the worms, bacteria and snail were to choose a crop to be planted. Few said the potato should have a go at it again. Most were for the corn. During the potato's period, the farm had known great turmoil. The Organisms had the goats ruin their homes because of the potato's back it easily shed during the dry season, the potato had been planted once before in the past and had promised to correct it's mistake. It was why they let it in a second time, but they feared they would have nothing if it were planted again.

It was speech day and the Organisms gathered from all parts of the farm to here the candidates out. The nitrosomonas and the nitrobacter was there representing the bacteria, the earthworm and tapeworm were present too, the land and pond snail came out too.

At the ceremony, the mass waited and waited for the potato to show up but it didn't, the corn was early and seated at the front of the hall as they all waited. After so much delay, they resolved to letting the corn have the stand instead of the usual where the last planted crop would take the lead.
"I can't offer so much" the corn began, "I can only say that our homes are in ruin because the potato couldn't do as it had promised. I intend to make good on my promises. Our farm will be fruitful again." One of the bacteria asked, "you have stated in the past that all will benefit from your seasons, what do we the bacteria stand to gain from you?" The corn brushed the hairs on it's coat as it started to speak, " I have brought a friend of mine on board with me to supply nitrogen to your people, Beans my friend" and with that he articulated, looking beside him were Beans stood. "We'll be mixed cropping". The bacteria hailed as they ruminated the gains of such a union.

The earthworm asked, "how much moisture can you leave for us when the weather becomes harsh and the soil needs it's water? How are we sure that you won't dry up the soil like the potato did?"
"I promise to take as much water as I need but I assure you that there will be plenty left after that." The corn reassured. The earthworm did not look too satisfied but it resigned to it's sit quietly as it was the snails turn to ask questions. The snail slowly stood up, "we need leaves to feed on, the potato and its mixed crop - the millet, had no leaves and let little weed grow so we had little to feed on. Wh--" before the snail could slurp out the remaining words the corn had lost it's patience "see, some weeds like the water leaks and lemon grass will grow alongside us. They won't be there all the time but you won't have to worry about famine or drought." The snail nodded slowly and sank back into it's place.

The potato never showed up but when the polls came in two weeks later. It's fate and that of the farm would be decided.

Although the potato bribed and lobbied , although the corn swore and promised. Come rain and come shine.

All that would be, all that could be were in the hands of the organisms, or not.


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