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Tejumade was raised by parents that loved her undyingly. She was not the only child, but she was the last born. Tejumade grew up accustomed to getting whatever she wanted, whenever and however. Tejumade loved her parents but she didn't always make them proud due to the experiences they passed through because of her.
"Will you enter that cell? Idiot, stupid girl, enter there and shut up." But before that, it started with a gunshot.
"Teju, what did you do? I thought this was supposed to be a clean Job. Why did you shoot the man na?" Teju was dumbfounded as Ade rained more dumb questions on her. "I-I-It wa-was a mistake. Shebi Shola said there was no bullet?" Teju raised her two hands to her head, one with the murder weapon and the other in a fist. "Shola! Shola! Which kind gun you give us sef, eh, wetin we go do now" Shola ran into the sitting room from the kitchen where he had helped himself to some leftover BBQ chicken. Still chewing on his loot, he answered "there's nothing we can do about it, what is done is done, you have proved that You're brave, even though you need more training", at that the man Tejumade thought she had shot dead started to get back up to his feet. "Teju, meet Giwa, he's from our tech department on the force." Teju remained dumbstruck like she was when she had shot the blank. "Wait, Ade what is going on here, is this a prank or training?" Ade smiled at Tejumade's question before he answered, "it's both."

They heard gunshots outside, and as the other detectives strived to pick up real weapons to go find out what was going on, Teju sunk into a sofa, laughing. "Guys, I won't fall for it this time" with that a body dropped to the floor, it was Giwa, and this time Tejumade could see that he was really bleeding, dying, because it was a headshot. They lunged into different corners, as the gunfire increased. The gunmen were as a multude, they would pair three to one, three to Tejumade, three each for Ade and Shola. "Drop your weapons, drop them!!" One of the gunmen shouted. "We need you alive and you know you can't escape us." those words he spoke in hausa.

All three of them were now tied up together in a dimly lit room. One of the gunmen entered with another man that wasn't with them during the raid. He spoke hausa swiftly, like he didn't need to catch his breath. "One of you are going to bomb the police station in Gwagwalada, while the others will remain as insurance" He pointed to Tejumade, claiming that she was the most innocent of the group but she knew it was because she was a woman. Their belief didn't hold women as much, like it should be of great honour that she was chosen. That's how Tejumade was dropped off at the station's entrance with a polythene bag, a bomb inside it.

"So you say you're an undercover detective transferred all the way from Lagos to monitor a terrorist group in Abuja, and you have a bomb. Mission accomplished you're the terrorist na, shikenah" Teju wished she could slap the air out of the lungs of this unbelieving Constable, Ade and Shola's life was in her hands, in no time, they'd kill them and send someone to do what she couldnt do. The Constable just shoved her, "we'll place a call to confirm your story from Lagos first but till then, you'll wait in that cell." Tejumade made to react but the Constable slapped her before shouting in a lady-like manner, "Will you enter that cell? Idiot, stupid girl, enter there and shut up!"


When she would save her colleagues, and prove to Nigeria once again that women weren't weak. She'd be just a nudge in the button for the guage of respect for women that should go all the way up, but was still very very low.




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