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"Pamela, Pamela, you know you're my favorite niece. The niece after my heart. It will be alright." My sister was sobbing as she said those words, it vexed me that I wasn't there for her. It vexed me even more that she couldn't tell me any of this on the phone. I was miles away in Edo, she probably thought there was nothing I could do from there.

Now, we are in court. A stranger heard my sisters's cry and intervened. She sued my uncle to court for abuse and I only found out about this yesterday, when she called to tell me, I took the first flight down to Lagos, just to witness my own sanity unraveling.

"This is exhibit A, this is a video of the defendant caught on camera molesting the plaintiff", the lawyer spoke and proceeded to insert the disc into a big screen. It turns out that a camera was hidden in my uncle's house, in my sister's room, where according to my sister he came every night, to have her.

Our parents went to heaven five years ago, a plane crash took them. My uncle took us in, just the two of us. I got admitted into the university three years after that and my sister has been alone with him ever since.

I should have detected something fishy, because he was over thirty years old and wasn't married. I should have taken my sister with me or something, but who would have ever seen this coming.

My uncle, Ughanwa was virtually raised by my parents. He was my mom's youngest sibling. My parents sent him to school abroad and when he came back they gave part of the company to him. He runs the whole company full time now.

He was always my mom's favorite sibling. Ughanwa, Nwa as my mom fondly called him was handsome and charismatic, he made the world revolve around him.

The court was in recess, my uncle would be called to the stand when it resumed. The non-governmental organization responsible for the lawsuit against my uncle testified against my uncle, in person of the NGO's pioneer - Miss Preye Doubra. She testified that they were campaigning for the girl child rights in secondary schools when they visited my sister's school and found out that she was being abused, that's why she and the NGO's team known as Geek Girls, set up a hidden camera for proof.

My uncle was almost unremorseful in his testimony, he even asked for water while he spoke. He claimed that my sister wanted it to happen, that he just made her wish come true. He even claimed that he was going to marry her when she was done with secondary school, that he was going to marry his own niece?!

He plead guilty and was sentenced to 20 years in prison with hard labour. He smiled.  He actually smiled and as he was lead out by warders about him, he blew a kiss to my sister.

All these were good enough for me to mark that day as the day everything went wrong, but something more happened. As he was escorted past me, to the Black Maria, I sprang to my feet and launched my hand into his stomach, only there was a knife in my hand.

So I killed him, that's what really made it the day everything went wrong.


"This trial is being adjourned to a further date for my verdict".



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