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Slides of Wrong  

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Rita was used to riding the wave of Love her boyfriend brought.

They first met in front of her HOD's office, when they walked into each other the usual movie scence ensued, "oh sorry, I'm sorry" they both echoed before their eyes locked. A brief but stretching moment of silence weighed on them.

The second time they met was at the Mr and Miss Fresher dinner party, he wasn't a contestant but he made his way backstage, Rita would find out later that he didn't really have a friend working the sound as he had said that day. He just came to encourage her. Rita didn't know the nervousness she tried to hide was what he saw. They exchanged phone numbers and had a few drinks.

It was all sunshine and peachy, until he started bugging her for sex. They had very different beliefs about sex. She hoped it would wait until marriage while he wished he would have her right away. She kept postponing the inevitable. He knew how to make advances as well, he never visited her empty-handed. He wrote poems of his love for her. One day, when she still wouldn't budge, he raped her, but that wasn't the day everything went wrong.

However, the day came. Osita, the rapist, not the boyfriend anymore was her seat partner for the second semester exams. The traumatic sight threw her off balance and within the first twenty minutes of the exam, all that she had crammed the night before vanished. Flashes of memory kept distorting her peace, the way he tore through her clothes like he had the beast in chains since the day they met.

He had begged, called and texted but she still hadn't forgiven him, she wasn't sure she could.

Now they sat side by side, her brain free of all that she had crammed.

An hour into the exam saw Rita's pages blank, safe for the questions she had rewritten just to look busy.

Suddenly, a ray of hope came shining through, Osita had with him a 'micro-chip', his friend had thrown it to him when the invigilator wasn't looking. She was torn between swallowing her anger for Osita, asking him for the 'chip' and keeping to herself, keep from partaking in examination malpractice. She did what every good student that wanted to keep their grades up would do. Osita freely gave and she freely took.

Just as she was done she heard a female voice, "that girl in blue, you there, stand up". She froze in her seat out of guilt, she turned to look behind her but she was the only girl in her row, the only girl in blue.
"You'll leave this school, you'll see", the invigilator was fuming now, as she brought her before a panel. She fainted.

She woke in a hospital, her mother was beside her, laying on a bed of her own.

The doctor came in with her Father and as Rita gestured to her mother, the doctor spoke "Do you know that you're pregnant?" Then her Father added, "when the Doctor told your Mother about it she fainted that's why she's beside you".

Rita fainted again. Indeed this was the day when everything went wrong.


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