To Die Before Death

To Die Before Death  

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I finally killed him.

After the abuses in his life, he's lucky I did, right? This was always going to happen, I made sure of it this time. I slit his wrists, that's before I made him swallow pills, that's before I injected him.

No narrow escape, this time he's dead. Sniper? Check. Slit wrists? Check. Vertigo from sweet drug abuse? Check. I am him that's how I know. I finished me off with a plunge from the third mainland bridge into the lagoon.

So where do I sign. You promised me something better than life you know?


You want to know who I'm talking to, no problem, get a bottle of sniper 😏 

I used to be happy like you, or like you used to be. We all were happy people once, we played with the sand outside in the compound, danced naked in the rain when our parents were not looking. We used to play 'daddy and mommy', no thought of daily bread to provide, or rent to pay. We lived in the moment, taking it day by day, not caring so much for the past or for the future.

Until we began to die before Death. We began to fear for the unfulfilled dreams, we began to soil our spirits in tears from heart breaks, we began to swallow pills to get ready for exam dates, we began to smoke weed because it enveloped us in a wireless haze. We even stilled and jerked to the fill of our hearts through our eyes for our bodies. We died before Death. 

We forgot that there is a ressurrection each time we had a choice, to chase new dreams, dump those pills, flick the weed and leave that pornsite. But not after the second death, after that you'll meet with him that Inspired my own second death, the one I speak with, he's not as friendly as he was in my mind. To die before Death is Life, but to die the second death is truly death.

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